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The difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier

time:2020-04-20 source:小编 Views:184

With the improvement of people's living conditions and the changing nature of people's work, people's time in the room and the time in the car gradually increase, but at the same time, indoor air quality has also been recognized and valued by people.

Air-conditioned rooms, indoor waste bacteria increased, humidity decreased, more and more household appliances to improve the indoor environment became popular, humidifiers and aromatherapy machines are two of them, these two are often confused by people, next, we from each From the angle to introduce the difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier.

Aromatherapy machine and humidifier have in common:

  Aromatherapy machine is also considered as a kind of humidifier, and has the following functions: both humidifier and aromatherapy machine can spray atomized water molecules, increase air humidity, increase the moisture content in the environment, improve the indoor environment, avoid the loss of human body moisture, respiratory tract Discomfort, dry skin and other phenomena.

Differences between aromatherapy machine and humidifier:

  1. Different materials:

      Ordinary humidifiers use ABS or AS plastic materials as water tanks, which are not resistant to the corrosion of essential oils. Long-term use will cause the water tank to be corroded, resulting in rupture, and it may produce toxic gases released into the air and affect the health of the body.

    Most of the aromatherapy machines are made of PP. The chips, wafer spoons, and atomizing tablets of the aromatherapy machine are specially developed for essential oils, and are resistant to oil, water, and chemical corrosion. So dropping the essential oil in the aromatherapy machine can thoroughly use every drop of aromatherapy essence, and very quickly distribute extremely delicate aroma molecules to every corner. It is safe to use.

  2. Different oscillation frequency:

      The ultrasonic oscillating power of the humidifier is not enough to decompose and release the aromatherapy essential oil. It is possible to store some essential oil on the wall of the water tank, wasting the aromatherapy essential oil.

       The ultrasonic vibration technology used by Kaoru Machine can atomize water molecules to nanometer level, which can effectively disperse the aromatherapy essential oil into the air and make us bathe in the fragrant air.

  3. Different cleaning methods:

      Ordinary humidifiers tend to produce dirt due to their relatively common materials, and it is difficult to clean the cleaning fluid. Atomized chips may also block aging.

      The water tank of the aromatherapy machine is treated by a special treatment process, which is very convenient to use and clean.

      Based on the above points, the price of the aromatherapy machine is definitely higher than that of the humidifier. Of course, there are also some unscrupulous merchants who use humidifiers to pretend to be aromatherapy machines. Because from the appearance point of view, it is difficult for ordinary customers to see. common sense. Only in this way can we buy a real aromatherapy machine that meets the needs of modern people.

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